Installment Sale Express

Installment Sale Express manage „Buy now, pay later“ for you

It is used to control the day to day transactions as well as offer comprehensive management information. The system can be used by micro-lenders, financiers as well as retail institutions using installment sale type transactions e.g. furniture companies, computer companies, etc.
Installment Sale Express facilitates a business’ ability to offer its customers the option to purchase an item or services over time through a set number of regular payments.
Installment Sale Express

  • Provide the option to pay for an item or services in installments
  • Manage the cost into interest and fee-free monthly payments
  • Manage the amount and timeframe of the installments
  • Apply appropriate interest and fees if the installments are late or unpaid
  • Send notifications to customers
  • Full interaction with invoicing

Newly for download in Microsoft Appsourace

Installment Sale Express is designed to cater for the tracking of a deal from the quoting stage right through to the settlement or natural expiry. It handles all the unique requirements of this industry such as repossessions, electronic payments, structured collections, readvances etc. All these transactions are summarized into meaningful management and accounting information. Installment Sale Express is easy to use by front line staff, customer service staff and management.

Installment Sale Express in numbers


Up to 1 month time to implement


Reduction in processing time

Why to choose?

Maturity and Flexibility

Installment Sale Express based on modular platform from Microsoft designed to be secure, performant, and customizable. Select a combination of features and modules that serve best the purpose of your business and we’ll make customization changes to suit your needs.

Time to Market

Launch a new lending platform or replace your legacy system in just up to 1 month. Get a modern solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which is fully compliant with your business requirements and needs.


Thanks to Microsoft platform and component-based architecture Installment Sale Express enables continuous upgrades and cloud scalability. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform offers unlimited flexibility and customization options.


We are helping you to protect your lending business from modern digital threats with the highest levels of security. Offered Microsoft technology stack components are regularly updated to maintain the most current and most secure versions.

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    Presentation of Installment Sale Express

    1 hour meeting

    Package contents

    • Contacts & Customers
    • Offers&Installment sale contracts
    • Complete Installment sale lifecycle
    • Contract changes
    • Financing payment posting

    Assessment of Suitability

    4 hour meeting

    Package contents

    • Review of YOUR business process
    • Review YOUR goals and objectives
    • Review of YOUR main pains or challenges
    • Review of Installment Sale Express main functionalities
    • Project deliverables definition

    Implementation of the Solution

    Implementation with master data for one week

    Package contents

    • System activation (1 day)
    • Key users training (1 day)
    • Upload master data (contacts, customers and vendors) (1.5 day)
    • Practical session / work (1 day)
    • Q&A (0.5 day)

    Price Packages to Suit Any Company


    495 €per month
    • Secured Loans
    • Unsecured Loans
    • Installment sale
    • Credits


    195 €per month
    • Secured Loans
    • Unsecured Loans
    • Installment sale
    • Credits


    395 €per month
    • Fleet management
    • Inspections and checklists
    • Catalogues
    • Integrations

    Post-Implementation Support

    In the spirit of our motto, with Installment Sale Express we bring you more than just a solution. You can rely on our support from pre-implementation planning to everything that comes once the solution goes live. You can learn all the details under the headings below.


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