Solitea Calculation Engine

Enter our perfect world of a single source of truth that will allow you to harmonise all calculations in your company.

Perfect Control and Oversight - All Calculations in a Single Engine

OneCore Smart Calculation Engine helps companies harmonise different financial calculations at every process step and ensure their management in a single, centralised location. What does that mean for you? Never again will you have to deal with deviations in your calculations caused by the use of multiple systems. Our calculation engine will make the calculations for you at every stage using the same input parameters. In addition, the engine is easy to integrate into almost any system, from custom databases and systems to Microsoft 365 products.
That makes OneCore Smart Calculation the ideal solution for companies focused on credit, leasing, fleet finance, operating or finance leases and many other financial services.

Properties That Make Smart Calculation Unique

A single engine for all calculations

Easy integration into any system

Unlimited calculation capabilities

Extremely fast calculations

Why Use Smart Calculation?

Low-Cost SaaS (Software as a Service)

You only pay for what you really use. How is that possible? Since Smart Calculation is implemented through Microsoft Azure, the solution is used as SaaS, saving you a lot of money for equipment, security, standard maintenance and more.

Easy Integration and Quick Deployment

Not only is integration quick, Smart Calculation can also be interconnected directly with ERP, CRM, relational databases or even Microsoft Excel software.

Solution for the World's Leading Organisations

Robust and scalable, Smart Calculation knows no limits in the volume of calculations and customisability it can provide. It can always be tailored to whatever needs you have. That is one of the reasons why Smart Calculation is the solution of choice for many of the world’s leading companies.

Built for Development

Thanks to Smart Calculation’s high calculation capacity and flexibility, you will be prepared for all the challenges of tomorrow. From top-level data security to perfect ability to adapt to any current needs and circumstances.

With OneCore Smart Calculation, you are prepared for all the challenges of tomorrow.

All calculations under one "roof".

Say farewell to discrepancies in calculations, laborious parameter setting or lengthy error finding. Calculate smart and try OneCore Smart Calculation!

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    Price Packages to Suit Any Company


    10 (Transactions per second)
    125 €price per month
    • 50 000 (Maximal no.of transactions/per month)
    • 0.01 € (Additional price / per transaction)
    • -


    30 (Transactions per second)
    200 €price per month
    • 100,000 (Maximal no.of transactions/per month)
    • 0.008 € (Additional price/per transaction)
    • -


    100 (Transactions per second)
    750 €price per month
    • 500 000 (Maximal no.of transactions/per month)
    • 0.005 € (Additional price / per transaction)
    • -


    Custom (Transactions per second)
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    • Custom (Transactions per second)
    • Custom (Maximal no.of transactions/per month)
    • Custom (Price/per transactions)

    Post-Implementation Support

    In the spirit of our motto, with OneCore Smart Calculation we bring you more than just a solution. You can rely on our support from pre-implementation planning to everything that comes once the solution goes live. You can learn all the details under the headings below.

    Smart Calculation Support

    Everything you need to know about the support for our solution...

    All information about support for Smart Calculation can be found here.

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    Everything you need to know about implementation...

    What are the steps to implement the solution? There are only 4 and you can find them all by clicking the button below.

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    Have a question you did not find an answer to? Contact us!

    Would you like to know what to do to implement our solution? Or to find out whether OneCore Smart Calculation is suitable for your company? We will be happy to show you our solution, answer any questions and let you to see for yourself that Smart Calculation is truly a solution of the future.

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